November Daytime Homebuyer Orientation

By TRIP HomeOwnership Center (other events)

Wednesday, November 28 2018 12:00 PM 1:30 PM

Thinking about buying your first home? Start Here!
TRIP's Homeownership Center is a non-profit housing agency dedicated to educating and empowering consumers about what to expect, and most importantly what COSTS to expect, when buying a home. 

At our Homebuyer Orientation, we'll talk about the advantages & disadvantages of homeownership, a snapshot of qualifying for a mortgage, and some of the costs you will incur in the homebuying process.

You'll also learn about the steps involved in our Pre-Purchase Program and First Time Homebuyer Grants Available. There is no fee for this session and is held monthly except in August and December.

Mailing Address

409River St Troy, NY 12180